Welcome to Naivasha Girls’ Secondary

The school originally started in 1961 as a primary school for white children only, then known as Hill school. It had classes from standard one to six. In December 1964, the school closed down when the whites left and was re-opened in 1966 as a mixed day single stream secondary school. In 1968, parents saw the need to have boarding facilities and made it a boarding school the same year.

The School has grown over the years. The current population is 1,000 ( 0ne thousand) students. Naivasha Girls has a national outlook because the selection of students who join form one come from all parts of the country. It is one of the best performing schools in Nakuru County.

Apart from the academic performance, the school also participates in co-curricular activities. We believe that a healthy mind is found in a healthy body. In games and sports we manage to take out teams to the Provincial level. In Drama and Choir, our students go upto the National level.

Upcoming Events

“ We at Naivasha Girls Secondary School Endeavour to function within a set of ethical values and virtues that form the fabric of our core values and operating ethos. ” - - Naivasha Girls     
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